How to contact me and how to find me?

This site was created as a portfolio, you will not find my contacts here.

What is chiptuning? What I suggest

My calibrations/programs are time-tested and are reliable and effective. Despite the fact that we can offer an incredible increase in power and torque, I am convinced of safe and reasonable tuning – that is why my customers come back to me every time. I give a lifetime warranty on the program, also all original programs are saved and the original program of the engine control unit, at any time, can be restored.

Stage 1

It is provided for cars with fully standard units and components. The program is designed in such a way as to remove all the dips in the dynamics, improve the response of the engine to the gas pedal and reduce the overtaking time while not jeopardizing the engine life.

Stage 2

It is designed for cars with standard components, but also allows small modifications, such as a more productive turbine or injectors. The program is designed in such a way as to safely achieve the maximum possible power.

Stage 3

It is intended for cars with modified components, assemblies and components.
We can also give advice on engine modifications and the selection of more productive components.